Calendar 2014 with Public Holidays and School Terms South Africa

Calendar 2014 with Public Holidays South Africa

Featured below is the 2014 calendar for South Africa. Need to know when is school holidays, pubic holidays or when you can plan that get-away weekend? Calendar 2014 provides you all the important dates such as School Holidays and Public Holidays for South Africa.

Calendar 2014 South Africa

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2014 Public Holidays

New Year's Day 1 January       Workers' Day     1 May  
Human Rights Day 21 March   School Holiday 2 May
Good Friday 18 April   Youth Day 16 June
Family Day 21 April   Women's Day 9 August
Freedom Day 27 April   Heritage Day 24 September
Public Holiday 28 April   Day of Reconcilliation 16 December
School Holiday 29 April   Christmas Day 25 December
School Holiday 30 April   Day of Goodwill 26 December

2014 School Holidays

Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal,
Northern Cape, Western Cape
    (13) 15 Jan - 28 March   7 April - 27 June   21 July - 3 Oct   13 Oct - (12) 10 Dec  
Free State, Gauteng, Mpumalanga,
North West, Limpopo
    (13) 15 Jan - 28 March   7 April - 27 June   21 July - 3 Oct   13 Oct - (12) 10 Dec  








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